Favorites Friday!

Since Friday is my very favorite day of the week (and it conveniently starts with an F) I decided to start sharing some of my very favorite things. These are the things that give me a cheery feeling. When, or even if, I purchase these items, that cheery feeling comes back every time I look at them.  My favorites can be one thing or putting all of them together to get a complete look. 
First on the favorites list would have to be Glitter Navajo Jack Rogers! I own the silver pair and would LOVE to own all of them. I look at the pink, blue, silver, and gold and they all give me that cheery feeling! I have enjoyed my pair so much! 
Second on the list is the whimsical Lilly pattern, Whales’ Tails! This is a pattern that caught my eye from the day it first came out! Everything about it is wonderful, and I absolutely love pink with navy! The Delia Dress, Esmeralda dress, and Lynnie skirt all come in Whales’ Tails.
I finally gave in and bought the Esmeralda Dress in Whales’ Tails today from Lilly Pulitzer at the Breakers. My Mama (ultimate Lilly Friend) bought the Delia Dress in this pattern, so we will be twining 🙂
Third on the list is my new favorite nail color! OPI makes it for Sephora, and it is called Seeing Pink Elephants! It is my very favorite Pink in the world! 

Finally, I’m going to share one of my favorite looks! This is one of my OOTD’s (outfit of the day), that I post on instagram! This has become one of my very favorite things to do, and one of the highlight’s of my every day is to post mine and see everyone else’s preppy looks on instagram! It is truly inspiring! This outfit features the Anna & Ava Sealife Bangle Bracelet Set, Gold Navajos, Lilly Pulitzer Whinnie Dress, and the Lilly Pulitzer Sullivan Belt!
I hope you were able to add my favorites to your favorites! There will be more favorites to come!
Stay Tuned!

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