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End of Summer Beach Vacay with Walmart+

*Thank you to Walmart for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.”

I know we are full-force in the swing of fall things, but something I love to do is squeeze in a quick end-of-summer beach vacation. There’s just something about it, especially this time of the year. Last week, me, Madeline and my mom headed off for a few days of beach fun at our favorite place, New Smyrna Beach. We geared up for a few days of sun, sand and relaxation.

Being there for a few days meant we needed to stock up on some snacks, lunch foods and a few other things I always tend to forget to pack haha. I don’t know about y’all, but I feel like there’s nothing worse than going on vacation and making a grocery run, all to end up overbuying groceries that won’t be finished up by the end of the vacation. When I physically go to the grocery store (or any store haha), I tend to do lots of browsing which usually means I overbuy. Then come the end of the trip, I’m left with perishable food we didn’t get the chance to finish nor do we have the room to pack it up to take back home with us. That’s why I’m a huge fan of Walmart+ not only at home, but also when we go on vacation.

If you are not familiar with Walmart+, let me just start out by saying it is truly the only membership you need. The benefits that come along with being a Walmart+ member are ones you will actually use in life. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without it. I have had my Walmart+ Membership for a few months now, and all the time it has saved me by not having to physically go to the store has made it a complete and total lifesaver. Allow me to share a few of my favorite benefits that come along with being a Walmart+ member.

  • First of all, FREE delivery straight from the store to your door is hands down my favorite benefit of all ($35 order minimum. Restrictions apply.). And this isn’t for groceries alone…you can also take advantage of the free from-store delivery for your beauty products, household items, home decor and even clothing! It’s seriously the best, and there are no markups! This benefit alone makes a Walmart+ membership 10000% worth it!
  • I also shop Walmart online A LOT, and being able to take advantage of FREE SHIPPING with NO order minimum (excludes most Marketplace items, location and freight surcharges) has saved me many shipping fees.
  • With a Walmart+ membership, members can also take advantage of an included Paramount+ subscription (Paramount+ Essential plan only. Separate registration required). Hello, family movie nights  
  • Plus, being able to save 10 cents a gallon on gas at participating stations gives me a peace of mind knowing I’m saving (5 cents savings in AL and OK only. Subject to change.) There are over 14K participating stations nationwide, and I know where all of ours are in the area. I can always find a place to save on gasoline. And I’ve just mentioned four benefits I love…there’s more (that’s what the “+” in Walmart+ stands for). Click here to sign up and start your free 30 day trial of Walmart+! There are monthly & annual plans available.
Walmart Matching Set:
Top // Pants

Not to mention, driving to the beach and back home, I was able to find fueling stations to fill up with gas and SAVE 10 cents a gallon thanks to being a Walmart+ member (5 cents savings in AL and OK only. Subject to change). Knowing I’m saving on gas gives me such a peace of mind. Once we arrived at the beach, I hopped on my Walmart app and went to “Reorder my items” to browse my frequently purchased grocery items. I love that the Walmart app saves this for you, so I was quickly able to add our favorite breakfast foods, lunch items and snacks to my bag. I also forgot to pack sunscreen, deodorant and a few other non-grocery necessities, so Walmart+ definitely came in handy with grabbing those 🙂

Walmart Matching Set:
Top // Skirt

Having our vacation groceries and necessities delivered to the condo saved me from spending the first few hours of our first day on vacation at the store. That makes my heart so happy knowing I was able to spend that time on the beach, doing what I actually went on vacation to do.

And as I mentioned above, being able to order just what we needed by shopping my frequently purchased food items prevented me from overbuying.

I also forgot to grab my sunglasses haha, so I had these super cute Walmart pairs delivered with my Walmart+ membership free delivery order. Shop them here and here.
I also was able to order this adorable new Walmart fashion dress (as I mentioned above, it’s not only groceries that can be delivered but also fashion items, beauty products, home finds and more). This is the perfect feels like summer but looks like fall dress.
Walmart Dress // Walmart Booties // Walmart Jacket // Walmart Belt
I also ordered these food containers that made for the perfect adult lunchables container 🙂 Mama and I took these down to the beach and loved having them! I had them delivered with my Walmart+ order as well.

I’m telling y’all, you will quickly see for yourself that Walmart+ is SO WORTH IT. I love being able to look on my app and see not only the money but also the time being a Walmart+ member has saved me, because let’s face it, time is money. You can start your FREE 30 day trial of Walmart+ to try it out for yourself. Then you can choose a monthly or yearly plan after that (trust me when I say just go ahead and go with it for the whole year…you’ll be so glad you did). It truly pays for itself. Happy Walmart+-ing friends 🙂

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