Getting Crafty: Bowtastic Style

I decided to get crafty and complete a pin that I had been admiring, Bow paperclips/bookmarks! With the new semester being just around the corner and my obsession for bows, this craft couldn’t have been more perfect! 
There were never any real directions on how to make these, and I can understand why! Basically you just buy the materials and have fun designing and crafting them however you think is best. It takes me a good 10ish minutes to create just one, but I will admit that I work slow because I’m a perfectionist. 

    Here are the items you’ll need: 
  1. Your favorite fabrics or ribbons (try to get a thin ribbon for the center of the bow and a thicker ribbon for the actual bow)
  2. Matching paperclips
  3. Hot glue gun
  4. Needle and thread (this is not necessary, but I thought is was a good way to assure the bow was secure to the paperclip)
  5. No Fray for protecting the bow’s edges form fraying
I just adore these!! I think they will be very useful when I’m reading because I’m always book marking my pages (this semester will require TONS of reading for me)! I just think bows are so fun and are another great way to spread preppy cheer around campus! They will definitely add a delightful touch to classes and studying.
I’ll admit, I hate reading…but now I enjoy it more that there is an actual bow in my book 🙂
What do you think about these cuties?? Have you every seen or completed this craft?
Stay Tuned For More Craftiness!

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