Lilly Paradise at the Breakers Palm Beach!

 I just got back from by vacation to the fabulous Breakers Hotel and Resort at Palm Beach.  Yes, it was gorgeous and I definitely want to go back.  I made so many memories there that will last a lifetime.  I have to say that one of the highlights of my trip was visiting Lilly Pulitzer at the Breakers! The store was gorgeous, and I couldn’t help but visit it every day of my stay.  And yes, I did make a purchase 4 of the 5 days I visited it (there’s always something to buy in Lilly).  I have a tradition that every time I visit a Lilly store I haven’t been to, I take pictures of the fitting rooms and the store decor to keep in my album.  I mean the Lilly Design Team does immaculate work that just takes your breath away 🙂
The wall design over the register…amazing!
After shopping…day 1 🙂
Fitting room number 3 wallpaper! I just loved the little shift dress.
Fitting room number 1 wallpaper.
Starfish on the wall of Fitting Room number 2 (this reminds me of the sea shells on the fitting room wall of the Atlanta, GA Lilly store). 
What could be any cuter than this Lilly time line?? 
I loved these Lilly girls, Stephanie (on left) and Brittany (on right). They were both so sweet and helped put together mine and my mama’s outfits in Whales’ Tails! Stephanie was so helpful with our entire stay at the Breakers. Every day I came in, she was there and it was so much fun to chat with her. She told my mama a helpful tip! Did you know that with most Lilly pieces, you can let the hem about 2 inches if it’s too short? We didn’t know that. Thanks for the helpful hint, Stephanie!
This was my purchase from day 2! Whales’ Tails is now on my favorite prints list 🙂
I can’t wait till I get to go back and visit Lilly at the Breakers! Looking at all these pictures now that I’m home reminds me that…
Doesn’t this store just put you in a Sunny State of Mind? 🙂
Stay Tuned!

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