Being Preppy…Together!

Today’s post marks the first in a series I like to call, “Being Preppy…Together!”  I just feel that life is more fun when it is spent being preppy with the ones you love.  One person I love being preppy with is my friend and Big diamond sister, Jaclyn!  I have known her since I was a little girl, now we’re in the same sorority, and she’s my Big!  I have always looked up to her.  We’re the perfect match as a Big and Little because we are so much alike. We went on a fun Lilly date the other night 🙂
See what I mean by us being so much alike? 🙂
She named me “Pulitzer Prize”, which was printed on my ADPi jersey.
I think it’s perfect 🙂
I love Jaclyn and I love being preppy with her 🙂
Stay Tuned for more on Being Preppy Together!

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