Sunny Inspiration!

Yellow is the happiest color of all!  I love wearing yellow in any season! Especially if it’s yellow with navy!  Yellow never fails to make me happy and always reminds me of the Sun!
The Sun is marvelous! It would take 1.3 million Earth Sized objects to fill the volume of the Sun!  Now that is hard to fathom!  When trying to think of something bigger than the sun, only one idea comes to mind…our God!
Without God, there would be no Sun. What the Sun is to nature, is what God is to us.
The Sun is the center and the beauty of the Solar system.  Any beauty we have is all because of God!
The Sun illuminates the solar system and lights the path we walk.  God is our light as He lights and directs our paths!
The Sun is of great power!  Our God created that massive power!
The Sun is ever the same as it has faithfully performed it’s duty.  God is the same yesterday, today, and forever!
This makes me feel secure knowing that God is bigger than the Sun and the whole Universe!  Nothing is too big for our God! I am going to carry these thoughts with me as I start this new week 🙂
Happy Monday, everyone 🙂

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