Elephant Fun Lilly Style!

Elephants are on my mind right now with the upcoming election and my wardrobe, of course!  I have just fallen in love with the many elephant pieces Lilly Pulitzer has come out with for Fall.

I am definitely going to purchase the Murfette Scarf, but I’m trying to decide on a piece in this fun new elephant pattern.  Which do you like, the Cassie Dress or the Porter Top?  Don’t you just love “Tusk in the Sun”??
I also want to take the time to remember Miss Mademoiselle Coco Channel.  Hearing of a dear friend’s loss of her sweet pup was just devastating.  Just as I dress and adore my Jaycee, Miss Janice and Coco were exactly the same.  They were the perfect Prissy pair!  I am going to miss seeing sweet Coco’s darling face on instagram.  She was truly a precious pup.  I’m so sad to see her go.  Keep Miss Janice in your thoughts and prayers!  RIP Mlle Coco Channel.

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