I Did It!!

This past weekend was great fun and very eventful at the same time! The fun and exciting part is that I now have a little diamond sister!!!  I would like to introduce Harita!!  She is so sweet and adorable and is the perfect little 🙂 I love her to pieces. 
Isn’t she sweet!

My diamond family <>
Ok, now for the eventful part…I went camping for the first time in my life! Yes, it was great fun and a special time of bonding with sisters, but I am in no way, shape, or form a camper.

We actually put up our tent!
All I can say about camping is that it was my first and last camping trip. I prefer a cabin 🙂
 The very best part of the camping experience was relaxing in the Eno hammock with Jaclyn! This was our treat for taking down two tents all by ourselves 🙂
Like Big/ Like Little <>
 I have the best big in the whole entire world.  I know I have posted about Jaclyn before, but I hope I can be as good of a big as she has been to me.  It will be hard to equal up to Jaclyn, but I certainly look forward to being the very best big I can possibly be.  Jaclyn and Harita, I love you both!
Stay Tuned!

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