Preppy Tee’s!

I have never been a huge fan of tee shirts, and had always wondered if there was a way to make them preppy!  The answer to that is yes, there is a way!  Every Monday morning I have Biology lab which requires you to wear closed toe shoes.  With the weather being so warm, I have been wearing a cute tee with a strand of pearls, a hair bow, norts, and my pink/green nikes.  Its a comfortable, cute look for an 8 AM lab.  Also, I like looking preppy when working out and going to spin.  These Tee’s are too cute and make wearing tee shirts classy.

Monogrammed Lilly Pocket Tee ( Thanks, Miss Janice for sharing these!)

Monogrammed Pocket Tee (Also, introduced to me by Miss Janice) 

Now, just add a strand of pearls and you’ve got a classy, preppy Tee 🙂
Stay Tuned!

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