Favorites Friday!

Hello all and welcome back for Favorites Friday!  I apologize for not posting for two days.  I had a biology test that consumed my time.  I’m so excited it’s Friday!  This weekend is suppose to get cooler, so I’m excited for some sweater weather 🙂
  1. First up on my favorites list for today is Topshop’s Leigh jeans!  I picked up a pair of these while shopping in Atlanta last week and they are the most comfortable pair for such a reasonable price.  They are like jeggings, but don’t feel like denim at all.  I highly recommend them.  They will be great for oversized sweaters.
  2. Second on the list is J.Crew’s factory bubble necklaces!  I have this necklace in black and am so pleased with it.  It is the same J.Crew quality for a fraction of the price of the original J.Crew bubble.  The only difference is that the factory version is not 14 karat gold plated.  So if you want a J.Crew bubble, this is the way to go.
  3. I don’t know what I’d do without my Gold and Black TB Revas!  I have had this pair for five years now and still enjoy them just as much as the day I got them.  They definitely deserve a spot on my favorites list.
Here are a few of my favorites in a complete look!
Have a very happy Friday!
Stay Tuned!

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