Keep Calm and Tory On!

My day was made today after receiving an email from Tory Burch, learning about the Friends and Fans Sale!!  All I can say is that I certainly got some great items through this sale…including my long awaited, most wanted Amanda Riding Boots!!  I also did a little bit of early Christmas Shopping (it’s just around the corner!) and purchased a few gifts for Mama.

Amanda Riding Boots…my prized possessions!  I can hardly wait for them to arrive. 

Mama has been admiring the Circle Logo Earring.  I figured it could’t be a better time to purchase them and give them to her for Christmas!

I picked up the T Logo Studs for myself.

I have been wanting a TB wrap bracelet so badly!  This was the perfect time to purchase one.  I chose the Python Print wrap bracelet.

I always know that whatever I love and enjoy, Mama does as well.  She just purchased the Gold Revas in the Distressed Gold Leather, so I thought this wrap bracelet would go along perfect with her new flats!  This is also a Christmas surprise 🙂
Don’t miss out on this fantastic sale!  Treat yourself this weekend to a new TB something.  Let me know what you pick up!  I’d love to know.
Stay Tuned!

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