Sweater Weather!

Thank the Lord!  Monday, Augusta actually experienced a cool, Fall day.  It didn’t get above 60º, which means it was perfect sweater weather!  
I am so excited for the cool weather to set in so that I can continue to wear some of my favorite sweaters.  I just love the warm cozy feeling of wearing a sweater on a chilly day!  I admit, I have a serious sweater obsession what makes my closet grow more and more each year.  Here are a few of my top sweater sightings.
I adore elbow patches…especially when they are pink!! I just ordered this one from Modcloth and am eagerly awaiting it’s arrival. 

Anthro sure knows sweaters!  I love this sweater coat…new on Freshcuts!!

Why not add a few dainty bows to a sweater?  Love this bow sweater but not so much the price.

This sweater makes me want to travel for some reason!  I love this color arrangement of this Wellington Pullover.

Of course, the Mika sweater by Marc Jacobs is a eye catchy must have…so dainty and sophisticated!

One can never have too many polka dots! Love this dot sweater.

How could this sweater not brighten your day?
Jaycee surely knew it was the perfect sweater day!  She wore hers with class and style!
Praying. The. Cool. Weather. Will. Permanently. Set. In.
Have you reached sweater weather yet??
Stay Tuned!

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