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The Messy Bun
One of my favorite hair styles to wear is a messy bun.  I adore this hair style for two reasons.  
  1. You can wear it with SO much! You can do this just by tweaking the way you pin it up to give it the extent of “messy” that you want it to have. I wore it to a semi-formal last night and with an oversized sweater all the time!
  2. The next reason is because of the look.  I think it looks so carefree, yet put together, Audrey Hepburn-ish.  As I said, the extent of “messy” you fix it in determines how carefree it looks.
I know this is a very simple hair style for some, but sometimes it’s hard making it have that “messy look” with all the hairs being pinned in the correct place.  I always wear mine to the side so that it will show from a froth view.  I also go for the messier look.  Here’s how I pin up mine!

First, make sure all if your hairs are neat and pull your hair into a side ponytail BUT on the last twist of your ponytail holder (I like to use a clear one) don’t pull your hair all of the way through.


 Second, grab the hair loop in the very center and give the, what is now sort of a bun, a slight twist.

Now, it’s looking messy and like it’s heading in the right direction.  Lastly, just pin the pieces to where they need to go.  Be sure to check with a hand mirror after each pin up to determine where you want the next piece to be pinned.
The Finished look.

This is an example of wearing it a little more messier (I like to call it the oversized sweater look).
Do you love to wear messy buns?  
Stay Tuned!

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