Outfits, Inspiration, and Everything In Between!

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I find joy, inspiration, and excitement in my outfits, shopping, colors, craftiness, and most of all, my pup! Here’s a little bit of style, design, and Jaycee that has recently happened.
Yellow with white polka dots and white with yellow polka dots!
Georgia had a spring day in January, so I brought out the Jacks.
An inspiring Pinterest idea I plan on trying. Turn your ballet flats into ribbon flats!
Parrots and pretties! A perfect transition piece!
A pop of red for the rainy day apparel!
January is also the time of gift giving in my family! Out of four birthdays, my Mama’s birthday is one of them. I ordered her a set of eight monogrammed turquoise and gold salad plates! This is the sample plate with one of her bread and butter plates on it to match them up. I think it looks lovely and can hardly wait until they come in!
My Foxy Bow came in!
Jaycee looking posh as usual!
Mint green is my new inspiration!
Navy and white polka dots from wrist to nails!
What has been your latest inspiration?
Stay Tuned!

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