Elephants, Bows, Seersucker, and More!

Not only have I received several emails asking where to find cute cases for the iPad mini, but I have also been on the hunt!  As popular as these devices are, it seems like all of the major designers and retail stores have yet to come out with any cute cases for these nifty iPads.  I then decided to search Etsy, which is where I found my perfect case…Pink, with elephants AND a bow!
I also came across some other adorable ones from that are just too darling to pass up!
These cases are too cute, perfectly preppy, and are also a great buy!  Which one catches your eye?
Stay Tuned!

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  1. I really look forward to all your posts, you have such good taste! I wish my budget could fit more of what I love into my wardrobe, but I get what I can and looking at your blog helps me to set goals of the pieces I want/need <3

  2. Those cases are so pretty {especially the pink elephant one} I really want one.. except I need to purchase an ipad first haha 🙂 Do these cases fit the nook {the first version} ?
    Great post as always!

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