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Summertime = Beach time!  We all try to get to the beach sometime during the summer.  I will be heading to the beach in a week or so, and I simply can’t wait to relax on the Florida shore.  Soaking up the sun, listening to the waves, and preferably not having sand between my toes (I hate for my feet to be dirty) sounds splendid right about now.  When packing for the beach, I carefully plan my beach bag.  I like to make sure all of my necessities are at hand.  
What’s typically in my beach bag?
  1. I always have a pair of earbuds. These Kate Spade polka dot earbuds are to die for!
  2. My iPod (or iPhone since that is what my music streaming apps are on) is always at hand.
  3. Polarized sunnies are a must! My favorite pair of the year is the Kate Spade Brenna Sunnies.
  4. A good read is always a fun activity.  I like to pick up a few good magazines upon arrival to have for the very first beach day.
  5. Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment will always be in my bag! I absolutely love this product. It’s perfect for chapped lips, has an SPF of 15, and adds the perfect amount of color.
  6. I always keep a laminated make up pouch in my beach bag to keep items such as my earbuds, iPhone, lip stick, condo key, and other valuable items from getting sandy.
  7. As a necessity for my beach towels, beach towel clips are always with me for the beach days. I hate it when the wind blows my perfectly laid out beach towel off of my chair. Beach towel clips make it stay put. 
  8. Hawaiian Tropic Shimmer Effect is my favorite sun tan lotion. You can never go wrong with a hint of shimmer.
One last thing!
This Kate Spade Beach Club Basket makes for the perfect beach bag!  With it’s woven rubber material, it can easily be washed after a day at the beach.  The interior is very roomy as well.  The best part, it’s now on sale.
What are your beach bag necessities?
Stay Tuned!

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  1. I love the Kate Spade basket! Seriously adorable! I am so jealous that you are going to Florida! I hope you have a wonderful time and safe travels!

    Happy Friday!

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