Just Keep Moving

Decisions, decisions, decisions…we all have to make them.  I for one hate decision making. Even making outfit decisions can be quite an annoyance sometimes. When it comes to making big decisions for my life, I know they are completely up to me to make.  I hate the feeling of not knowing if I’m making the right or wrong choice. I wish I could just put life to a standstill, but I know I can’t do that. 
I saw this quote, and it really has me thinking.  I can remember when my Daddy taught me to ride a bike and him saying “Don’t stop pedaling!”  I’m sure we all have similar experiences with this.  This balancing process is a constant lesson in life. When making important decisions, I put much prayer and thought into the process. I then start to see different instances and answers unfold that help me come to making a decision.  Staying in balance as life keeps moving is always a help in the time of decision making.  If it weren’t, incidents and answers to help us make our decisions would never occur.

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