Beach Memories

Sumer beach vacations are a great way to accumulate memories.  As beach week is coming to an end, I felt it would be great to share a memory that I have and hold near and dear to my heart.  I have been coming to the same beach with my family for as long as I can remember.  I feel like it is my second home as it has been a part of each summer of my life thus far.  New Smyrna Beach makes me think of where I learned how to swim, coconut shrimp from Norwoods restaurant, playing in the ocean with my sister, my Grandfather’s (Dandaddy as I call him) card tricks, my grandmother (Ammama as I call her) making me jelly toast for breakfast (I hate peanut butter), walks on the beach, soaking up the sun with Mama, and so much more.  But there is one that I cherish like no other.
There is no one I have ever met that loves sea shells as much as my Ammama.  She not only has an eye for shells, but she also can not pass by a pretty shell without picking it up.  Whenever I spot a pretty shell, I automatically think of Ammama and how much she would love to add it to her collection.  She loves all types of shells, especially pink ones as pink is her favorite color.  I can remember making my grandparents a shell wreath for their anniversary years ago (possible the first DIY I ever attempted). The wreath was small but I was oh so proud of this “masterpiece” I had created.  I have inherited a great love for shells from my Ammama.  Maybe this is why I also love each and every item with a scallop design on it.  I too can’t pass by a pretty shell without picking it up. What I love even more than collecting shells is giving them to Ammama.  
The tropical storm that moved through Florida this week surely turned several beach days into rainy days.  Thursday, it rained all day up until late afternoon.  As the winds were strong and there weren’t many people on the beach, gorgeous shells were scattered all over the shore.  When the rain finally let up, I went for a beach walk and had first pick to many of the shells.  Of course, I took many of them with me.
Since I inherited this love for shells from Ammama, shells make me think of her.  They are sweet, delicate, and beautiful.  They are one of a kind just like my special Ammama is to me.  It is so amazing to think about how no two shells are alike. This is just another reminder of how awesome God’s creation is.
Pearly shells from the ocean…shining in the sun…covering the shore are one of the highlights of each beach vacation and are a most loved beach memory.
Do you have any special beach memories? 
Stay Tuned!

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  1. Love this story! I love going shell hunting whenever I go to the beach. My boyfriend and I spend hours and hours walking up and down the beach collecting beautiful shells!

  2. What a sweet sweet story! I had no idea that you were vacationing in New Smyrna! I traveled there for Spring Break a year ago with a group of friends and had the best time.

  3. Such a sweet story 🙂 Both of my grandparents live near the beach too and I love visiting them! I remember finding shells with them as well. I think I still have an old bucket in basement full of shells from the beach!

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