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I dread the end of summer and the start of fall semester, but I always look forward to starting off with a fresh new Lilly Pulitzer Agenda! I was so excited when Lifeguard Press contacted me to review the new Lilly Pulitzer Agendas. The first thing was to choose the print and size agenda I wanted. I was ecstatic to see that “Lets Cha Cha” was one of the options. With it being my favorite print of the summer, I chose “Lets Cha Cha”in the large agenda. The large agenda is my favorite size agenda as it is perfect for toting along in your school bag, work bag or whatever! 
The first thing I do with my new agenda is study the stickers. I’m not going to lie, the stickers are my very favorite part with the Pink and Green Elephant sticker (Photo #4) being my favorite one. I then select the birthday cake sticker and fill in my birthday in my new agenda. I also love the “To Do” section located on the left of each month’s page. I love making To-Do lists and checking them off. With there always being something to do, this is easily my favorite part of the 2013 Agendas. 
Have you gotten your new Lilly Agenda yet? It will be your favorite agenda you’ve ever owned. Be sure to visit Lifeguard Press to select yours. And while you’re at it, grab a tumbler, a calculator, a dry erase board, a new pair of earbuds and much more Lilly to start off a new school year!
Stay Tuned!

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  1. I absolutely love Lilly agendas! I still have to order one, and I think the "Let's Cha Cha" is the one I am going to go with!



  2. We're agenda twins! I just got mine the other day and absolutely love it. Where is your pen from, by the way? I love the pearls!


  3. I just love that photoshoot you did. Your style is fabulous! I just got my agenda earlier this week. I went with Get Nauti! I can't wait to use mine 🙂

  4. I just got my second Lilly agenda for school this year and I love it! There is so much room and it is so adorable. We even have the same size and print- Let's Cha Cha in the Large Agenda!

    xx Sarah

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