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I am so excited because I’m off to a tropical paradise today. The Caribbean is calling me, and I am going with my bags packed and ready this morning. Underneath all the excitement, I always find myself stressed with packing. As much as I like outfit pairing, I hate having to decide what to wear for days in advanced. With all the stress packing can bring, it ends up becoming a cluttered mess most of the time. I have my own little way of keeping the packing process an organized one. 
What do I do? Basically, I take it a day at a time…for packing that is! Planning my outfits is a perfect example.
For instance, an outfit for Saturday…
For Sunday…
For another day…and etc.
I also have a special way I like to pack my statement necklaces. I have a fear that while on the plane, they will break or a stone will fall out. This is the way I pack them…in layers and in pouches! This will prevent them from becoming tangled or damaged.
After I get my outfits for each day straightened out, and the accessories all in order, I move on to swimwear. I match up a pair of sunnies for each and pack them along.
With a day spent on the beach or by the pool in mind, I go ahead and pack my beach necessities. I always take a good read (my current read is Girls In White Dresses…LOVE it!), earbuds, and a wristlet to protect my phone.
One last little thing, I say travel size everything is the way to go. If you can find your hair products, shampoos, conditioners, deodorant, etc. in small, travel size bottles that meet the requirements for flying, go with it! The amount of room it will save you makes the world of a difference. Anyway, I love anything miniature.
What are some of your packing secrets?
Stay Tuned!

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  1. First let me just say that you have the cutest swimsuits ever!! I love the paisley one especially. 🙂

    You have great packing tips and I loved seeing how you do your statement necklaces! I always hesitate to bring mine on trips because I was unsure of how to pack them, but thanks to you now I know. 🙂

    I get excited about packing because I have an adorable set of pink luggage… when I see it come out I always know that a vacation or trip home from school is right around the corner!

    xoxo Miss ALK

  2. Well, when I pack my bags for vacation I always try to think of what if. It's kinda like I wish I had a… but for clothes! I also bring a few pairs of shoes like a couple sandals, heels, and usually sneakers just in case! I hope you have fun on vacation!


  3. great tips! when I pack for a trip I hang up all my outfits on a garment rack to be sure none of my clothes look too similar (i'm a sucker for neutrals)! i'll be sure to reference this post next time i'm getting ready for a trip.


  4. I live in St Croix in the US Virgin Islands. I don't know where you're going, but we're having fabulous weather now so I hope you enjoy your trip. Great packing tips!

  5. Love all those outfits! Too cute, also, that's a fantastic tip for packing statement necklaces I'm always worried mine will break on the plane too! Thank you Rachel 🙂

  6. I make sure to bring lots of interchangeable parts(weird term?!) for outfits! Like tops and bottoms that would go with a lot if different things! I'm going to seaside in a couple weeks and ill blog what I pack!

  7. I love the kate spade cork shoes!! Amazing!! All of your outfits are super! I wish I had a bikini collection like that as well 😀 Also if I can't find the miniatures of the products I love – I decant some from my full size bottles into empty travel bottles that the drug stores/pharmacies sell 🙂

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