Pineapple Soiree

I’m heading somewhere tropical in a few days, so pineapples are on my mind. With their hospitable meaning, I’ve always loved a pineapple design. They are my favorite fruit to eat as well. I’m loving the pineapple pieces from J.Crew and these other boutiques. I love an outfit with a pineapple design, and I love a house expressing hospitality with pineapple decor.
There is one last thing I’d like to mention. Google reader is shutting down as of today. This means that all of the blogs you follow will no longer appear on your google newsfeed. Bloglovin’ is a simple solution for this change. When I first heard of Bloglovin’ I felt confused and didn’t want to get started with it. Honestly, it is wonderful! Through Bloglovin’ you can not only follow your favorite blogs, but you can also see which ones have posted a new post. And through your newsfeed, you will see which posts you have already read. The best part, you will be notified through email when your favorite blogs update with a new post. Bloglovin’ is a great way to follow your favorite blogs!
Happy first day of July! Stay Tuned!

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  1. Pineapple print is SO cute! I saw a pineapple printed bikini at nordstroms and it was adorable. I'm trying to keep myself away from it but after seeing this I'm going to have to go back and pick it up!

  2. I love the pineapple print J. Crew is offering this year:) It is so summery and cute! Oh and I moved to Bloglovin' too. I find that I really like it as well! It is very organized!


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