Traveling In Style

With my recent travel experiences over the past few weeks, and with my future travel experiences to come in the next few weeks, traveling in style has been on my mind. What do I mean by traveling in style? I am talking about not only attire but luggage as well. 
First off, what you wear when traveling is always a huge part of traveling in style. Whether a car ride or an airport adventure, I always want to look cute but stay comfortable. 
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Not only is an outfit like this comfy for a car ride, but is is also ideal for an airport. When going through the security checkpoint, it is a good idea to wear shoes that are easy to take off, and not a whole lot of jewelry since that has to come off as well. Also, be sure to have a jewelry pouch handy if you are wanting to wear jewelry in the airport to put it in when entering security. 
As for luggage, I have stuck to my trusty Vera Bradley set over the years. It’s perfect for trips in the car. I gave into purchasing one of the top items on my current wish list. The Marley Lilly duffel bag will be a great piece to travel with, whether in the car, or on the plane. I also ordered the navy and tan monogrammed “champ” bag (Marley Lilly’s version of a long champ). It will be a great carry on piece. As for air port traveling, I like having a rolling piece of luggage. This pink one is to die for!
As always, don’t forget your pup! Roller bags for perfect for the airport and car seats for the car!
Always travel safely, always travel compact, and always travel in style! I hope everyone has and is having great travels this summer.
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Stay Tuned!

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  1. What great ideas! I totally agree with you on the outfit. Comfy and cute 🙂 I also like that pink roller suitcase!


  2. Traveling in style is a do in my book. After all, you never know who you'll bump into! I adore that Marley Lilly duffel bag – I just might have to get it!



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