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Here comes the bride…yes, wedding season is in full swing! Although every season is wedding season, the spring and summer months are more wedding filled than any time. I personally feel like this summer had been one gigantic season of engagements and weddings. Well, if you have a few to attend, what are you going to wear? That is the question! The bride is the main attraction, but you must make sure you are also looking your very best. You never now, you could be the one to catch the bouquet! You must be wedding ready!
Some weddings are during the daytime, and some are in the evening.  Some weddings are black tie, some require a party dress and a sundress (Lilly preferably) would be suitable for a daytime wedding. Obviously, the time of the wedding does matter! If the wedding is at 5 in the evening, I’d say wear a dress a little less dressy than an evening wedding starting at 7 pm. Here are some of my wedding guest wear ideas!
A daytime wedding look
Perfect for an evening wedding
A Daytime wedding look
Dress one (perfect for evening) / Dress two (daytime or evening) / Dress three (daytime or evening)
Remember to always let your wedding guest wear be spectacular! 
Stay Tuned!

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  1. I love wedding season!
    Hah sometimes I get a little lazy and like to wear my favorite dresses over and over again though so these are some nice inspirational options!
    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    J. Parker

  2. Love the second dress with nude heels and a pearl necklace. So timeless and perfect! Thanks for the ideas.


  3. JUST bought a navy dress like that for an evening wedding I have next month, now feeling extra confident about 🙂 Great roundup!

  4. My conundrum is what to wear when the ceremony is at 1 but the reception 5? In Europe, you change dresses in such a circumstance. What to do here?

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