Desk Darlings

Whether it’s for your personal desk where you do your school assignments, your desk at work, your work from home desk or simply where you enjoy some “me ” time (I’m thinking online shopping on your computer while making artistic to-do lists, staring at your Lilly agenda and enjoying a cup of earl grey), it must be organized with a cute loot. With my next pay check, I am going to invest in a few of these nifty yet exciting items. As I do a large portion of my work from home and a new semester is about to start (lots of assignments), my personal desk will consume many hours of my life. I have to make it cute, right? The more exciting it is, the more tolerable it will be. In my hunt for darling items, I visited such stores as Design Darling, Etsy (duh), Lifeguard Press, etc and am seriously so excited to start accessorizing.
My desk will be a cheery place to spend time, that’s for sure. What are your favorite desk top items?
Stay Tuned!

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