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We all have those moments when we want it to rain just so we can wear a certain pair of rain boots or use a particular rainy day accessory.  This is exactly how I feel about my monogrammed rain jacket from Shop Dandy Boutique!  It is my favorite rain jacket, and I adore how it’s personalized just for me.  
Here are five things I love about my monogrammed rain jacket:
  1. It’s monogrammed…not only on the front of the jacket but also on the hood!
  2. It’s a pullover, which I love!
  3. The bottom of the jacket has an elastic pull to adjust how tight and fitted you want your jacket to look.
  4. There are so many varieties of color combinations you can choose for your jacket. I chose a navy jacket with a red monogram to match my red Hunter Wellies. 
  5. My favorite part is that the jacket is lined with flannel for warmth and softness. This will make it ideal for the winter time. There’s nothing worse than being cold and wet, but you will stay warm with this rain jacket.
The list could go on!  I have so much fun accessorizing my rain jacket.  These also make the perfect gift!  With Christmas being just around the corned, it is indeed a gift idea to take note of.  I already know of two friends on my gift list who will be receiving a monogrammed rain jacket for Christmas! 
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What do you think of the Shop Dandy Monogrammed Rain Jacket?  Isn’t it the cutest!  
Stay Tuned!

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  1. I'm in love with your monogrammed bracelet you're wearing! It would be wonderful if you could recommend a shop who makes them! Thankyou so much Rachel!

    Love Lucy,

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