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I feel like I spend half of my life studying.  It gets to be such a nuisance, but the best feeling is knowing that is all paid off.  I’m no expert, and everyone studies best in different ways, but here are a few helpful tips that I use when studying.
  1. Make sure you are in a place where you can concentrate.  I find it easiest to concentrate in the library, where it’s quiet with no distraction. 
  2. Have your favorite snack nearby.  Chocolate and orange juice help me think.  It’s such a strange combination, but there is just something about it.  
  3. When having several assignments to complete and several subjects to study for, allow yourself a set time for each.  For instance, one night I may need to study accounting and economics, so I’ll tell myself two hours for each.
  4. Put all distractions away.  Complete your work in the amount of time you allow yourself, then reward yourself after you study to spend some time doing what distracts you.  For example, I’ll study in the amount of time I allow myself, then spend some time on my computer online shopping or blogging.  
  5. Re-copy your notes.  This is helpful in all areas.  If you re-copy your notes, you’ll be better prepared for class and ahead of yourself when test time comes around.
  6. Writing always helps me learn the material.  I like to create a hand written study guide on notecards or on a notepad.
  7. Figure out what you like writing with best.  Even though I love my cute Kate Spade pencils, I prefer a boring mechanical pencil when actually writing.  I find this being my favorite thing to write notes with, and I highlight the key points with Le Pens.
I have two tests this week, so keeping these productive hints in mind will help me do my best.  Study, study, study!  It can only help.  What are your favorite study tips?  I love hearing of new ones to try out.
Stay Tuned!

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  1. My favourite tip is talking about what it is your studying. Reading or writing it out has never helped me, so I grab my poor parents, but you could grab a sibling (if you have one, unlike me), or a friend and read the notes out loud. You can explain concepts to each other, and sometimes just saying it out loud really clarifies something; you get that "aha" moment.
    I also find writing stupid notes on my study sheets help. When I'm reviewing the notes and see a dumb comment making fun of the subject, I generally remember it when it comes time to write the test.
    Lastly, use colours! When I colour the titles, subtitles and key concepts (etc.), I can picture the layout of the page when I get to the test, and can then remember what it says.

    good luck studying!

  2. Those Kate Spade erasers are adorable! I totally agree with all of these study tips; I also think it really helps to spread my studying out. I know its the typical college way to procrastinate and cram, but when I map out my calendar for the month and see I have an exam I just study for 30-45 minutes a day two weeks beforehand. Come exam time, it was quick, painless, and I remember stuff better because I spent such a stretched out time on it! I barely even feel like I studied and I still have plenty of time for fun things.
    Good luck on your exams!


  3. Adorable. I love the new Kate Spade line. Even in grad school, I tried to make my studying a little bit "cute" while being ever so functional at the same time 🙂

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