Welcome November!

I love November for so many reasons and am so happy to welcome it back.  It truly is the most gorgeous fall month for Georgia.  The leaves are finally starting to turn vibrant reds and yellows, and the air is feeling crisp and cool (sweater weather).  Thanksgiving is also a favorite holiday of mine and my birthday is just a few days before it.  
Since November is finally here, I have a few countdowns going on.  The first is for my birthday.  It is officially less than three weeks away, 20 days to be exact!  My second countdown is for Thanksgiving.  This year, I’ll be spending Thanksgiving with my family in Williamsburg, Virginia.  I can hardly wait.  My third countdown sort of goes along with the my Thanksgiving one, but it is my countdown to a one week break of school starting just a few days prior to Thanksgiving.  
As I said, I just love November.  The fact that it started on a Friday made it even better.  Driving home from school, I was noticing the leaves and couldn’t help but admire them.
Then, the first day of November turned into a rainy day.  Breaking in my favorite purchase from the Tory Burch friends and fans sale from a month or so ago (it seriously didn’t rain for a month here!) made the rain much better.
Yesterday was a lazy day as I cleaned and caught up on emails and to-dos from this past week.  But later on, I dressed up and ran a few errands.
I look forward to all that November will bring.  I can’t wait to share November outfits, ideas, and most of all, what to wear for Thanksgiving.  Also, there will be some great giveaways to come this month!  I hope November has been good to you so far.
Stay Tuned!

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