Gifts Under Thirty!

Thirty And Under
Essie Polish ( 1 ~ 2 ~ 3)
As the gifts for your friends are decided upon, the $30 range is a great price frame stay in.  You can find so many darling thing for thirty and under.  Like this mug and the monogrammed rain boots (only 29.99)!  The Essie polishes along with the sparkly files make such a cute gifts well.  If someone gave me any of these items, I’d be a very happy girl.  Delightful, thoughtful, and adorable…these items are perfect gifted or kept for yourself.
Are you checking off your list?  What fun gift ideas have you come up with this Christmas?
Stay Tuned!

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  1. I actually love this list! Usually when you want to find gifts under $30 you end up giving people random crap they don't even need and it makes you look a little thoughtless…but these gifts are amazing! I can't believe those boots are under $30!! Great picks!


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