Last Minute Shopping

I have never been so late with my shopping as I am this year…I’m not sure what has happened! I have been in the Christmas mood for well over a month.  I think with Thanksgiving being late this year and school letting out only a week ago, I’ve gotten behind. There are those people who are so difficult to buy for, and they are the ones I haven’t found a gift for yet.  Thank goodness there are a few stores who are still gauranteeing Christmas delivery.  Zappos (on orders placed by 4 PM on the 23rd), Country Club Prep (on orders placed by the 20th), and Macy’s (on orders placed by the 21st) are a few of them that seem to have a gift for everyone, so it’s not too late to finish up your shopping and give them the perfect gift! 
I’m using Country Club Prep to finish up a majority of the gifts I have yet to find.  I also haven’t started wrapping any of my gifts yet…at least you can watch a Christmas movie while wrapping!
Something else I did this year is craft for people!  Not only is it fun and personal, but it’s also a way to save some money.  For all of my co-workers, I decided to paint monogrammed canvases for each of them.  I also baked a cake for them all to share.  Crafting and baking are something you can create overnight, so it’s a safe gift if you’re late on ideas.
Have you completed your shopping?  Are your gifts wrapped and under the tree?  Or are you still checking your list?
Stay Tuned!

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