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Happy Monday, everyone!  Today’s post is all about New Years Eve inspiration.  I’m going to share my three favorite outfit ideas along with my three favorite NYE inspired pins.  
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The LBD is a go-to.  It’s the perfect dress for a New Years Eve celebration.  If it’s sparkly, I think that makes it perfect.  Want to spice it up a bit?  Throw on some colored pumps and matching jewelry.  If your LBD isn’t sparkly, a jeweled collar or statement necklace will add a nice touch.
I love this Pinterest idea for a Happy New Year cake!
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My second idea for NYE outfit inspiration is to tuck a shimmery or jeweled statement top into your plain black skirt.  This is actually the style I’m going with this year.  A bow belt is a nice touch.  I’m actually going to attempt to create the perfect bow for mine this year, so we’ll see how that goes. 
How cute are these glittery spoons?  Just a little more Pinteresting NYE inspiration.
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This outfit is sweet, shimmery, and simple.  How perfect it is for NYE!
This is my favorite NYE pin.  I mean how gorgeous can you get!  I’d love to get my hands on any of these glamorous dresses.
I hope you’re feeling ready for NYE!  I say the sparklier the better.
Stay Tuned!

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