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The other day, I was so excited to post on the Alpha Delta Pi blog one again.  I wrote a post on time management, so I thought it might be fun to share on my blog as well.

Life is a crazy wonderful show that never stops running…having to be here at this time, having this due by this time, oh wait, and I want to go here at this time.  When I started college, I thought I had this whole idea of time management under control.  Well, I was wrong.  When I look back at what I was taking on then versus now, I see how much I have taught myself as far as time management goes.  So, without further adieu, here are a few time management tips that I find helpful.

  1. First things first…make sure you have a planner.  Life is simply too confusing to not have one.  My planner is where I list things months in advance.  Birthdays, events, schedules, etc…are all jotted down in here.
  2. I start off each week with asking myself, “What is going on this week?”  I list down events, work, tests, assignments, blog posts, and anything else that may be happening on a blank sheet of paper, which I then place in the corner on my mirror, that hangs above my desk, to remind myself.
  3. With the end of each day, I set goals for the next day.  I list down what has to be done, and what I’d like to get done.  This leads to…
  4. First things first!  After classes, I usually go to work.  After work, I usually am running some errands, working on assignments, etc.  After that, I like to blog, catch up on emails. What I’m getting at is to take on the most important tasks, the things that must be done that day, first!  
  5. We shouldn’t overwork ourselves.  You have to take breaks and reward yourself at times.  In between work and studying, I may pop into a favorite store just to rest my brain (I love Hobby Lobby).  While doing homework, I may take five minutes to check Instagram.  After completing some studying, fix yourself a cup of tea…just don’t overwork yourself!
  6. If you’re feeling overloaded and like you just can’t manage your time to get it all done, don’t be afraid to ask for help!  There’s always someone willing to help you out.  
Even though I’m getting better at it, I’m still learning how to manage my time.  I attempt, and if I fail, I simply adjust something in my schedule to try and make it work.  I believe that one can never truly grasp time management.  We are always trying, learning, and taking on new things to where we can only do our very best.  I still catch myself blogging during the time I should be sleeping (oops), but it’s all a learning process.
What are some of your tips for managing your time?

Stay Tuned!

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