Weekend Recap

Happy Monday, everyone!  I hope your weekend was fabulous.  I am going to share a few pictures from my weekend.  Something I am always reminded of (and I try to share this through my Instagram photos) is that it’s the little things in life mean the most.  From the outfit I chose to finding a quote about coffee that describes my coffee drinking habits perfectly, they were both a part of my fun weekend.
Photo #1
This is what my weekend mani looked like.  I thought pink with a touch of confetti would be fitting.
Photo #2
I was in the mood to wear yellow, so I decided to wear this yellow sweater (oldie) from Old Navy and pair it with the infamous J.Crew herringbone vest (also oldie).  I added a little more color with this necklace from Kate Spade Factory.  My conclusion was that I need more yellow (a favorite color) in my closet. 
Photo #3
I have struggled for many years now as a coffee drinker…it’s like I want to love it but I just can’t!  I’ve learned to accept the fact that it’s not my favorite, but I make it better by adding an extra dose of sugar and lots of cream.  This plaque hangs in a local coffee shop a few doors down from where I work.  It describes my love/hate relationship with coffee perfectly.
Photo #4
This may not be from the weekend, but I just want to share…how darling is this makeup brush!  I visited Ulta the other day for some primer, and ended up walking out with this cutesy little brush by Too Faced as well.  The bow makes it one of the most adorable things I’ve ever seen!
Photo #5
Yesterday was a chilly day, but when in the sun, it felt warm.  It had me longing for summer!  My brother and I were chatting about how spring break can’t get here soon enough.  As we decided to stop by Starbucks, the shaken iced passion tea lemonade sounded wonderful with thoughts of summer in mind. 
I feel like the weekend isn’t quite over yet!  Even though I have to work, I don’t have an eight o’clock class to rush to.  Wishing everyone a great day!  
Stay Tuned!

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  1. Love the iced passion tea lemonade but I have not gotten one from Starbucks since I read about how Caitlin from Southern Curls and Pearls makes them at home. If you haven't seen it and tried her recipe, you simply MUST!!!!

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