Friday Takeaway

Happy Friday, everyone!  We made it to yet another Friday. 😀  Sometimes I feel like I can finally breathe.  I’m very excited for this weekend and the events that are happening.
I want to send a little weekend wish your way.  Throughout the week, do you ever feel so set in your routine?  I do, and often times, I try to think of ways I can change that up even though I’m quite happy with my weekday routine.  From the moments where I’m working hard to the times when I’m hardly working, I simply love my routine and the people who are in it.  It’s unique and it’s me.  But there are times when I tend to hear about things others have said or done, and it makes me just want to put everything to a complete stop.  Especially when under stress, it tends to pull me down even more.  This past Monday, I was on Pinterest and came across a great reminder…this quote.
I love this.  It was a great reminder to me as I thought about the week and how it had just begun.  It reminded me to go about my week with that sparkle and not to let anything get in the way of it.  It’s what makes you uniquely you, and honestly, the successful person you are made out to be.  It was certainly a great week for me (maybe the spring weather had something to do with it), but remembering this quote was helpful.
Wishing everyone a fabulous weekend!  And don’t forget to enter the Monogramed Pillow Giveaway!  Today is the last day to enter.
Stay Tuned!
P.S. Happy Pi Day!  Speaking of sparkle, I’m still obsessed with this glitter pie server.

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