Internal Narrative – Coffee Shop Visits

Do you have a favorite local coffee shop that you enjoy visiting?  I certainly do.  Each Wednesday, I look forward to a weekly visit with Jaclyn to The Purple Cow here in Augusta.  It’s a quaint little place that serves coffee, froyo, muffins and other great drinks.  In between classes, we like to grab lunch then hang out at The Purple Cow (we are extra happy when we get our regular table) to blog, study before afternoon classes, whatever.  
Jaclyn and I decided to write up a another internal narrative (you may have read the Internal Narrative – Salon Day from a few weeks back).  These are a few of the thoughts we were agreeing on while enjoying our Wednesday visit.  When you become a regular to your favorite coffee shop, these thoughts occur more and more.  Enjoy!
  1. “Yes…Our table is open!”
  2. Or…”No! Someone took our table…”
  3. “What drink do I want today? I hope I can remember which one I tried last time!”
  4. “What are the people at the table over there talking about?”
  5. “Ooh, I can totally relate! Maybe I’ll go chat with them…but I don’t want to eavesdrop.”
  6. “I have two hours to catch up on something! What on my to-do list should I choose?”
  7. “Their drinks at that table over there look yummy! I wonder what they got.”
  8. “Is my outfit cute enough to take a picture with my coffee?”
  9. “If not my outfit, how about my bracelets?”
  10. “The Barista is a really good friend…she knows exactly what I like to drink, so I can trust her with anything!”

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. I love your outfit here! I laughed out loud at some of these- especially the "is my outfit cute enough to take a photo with my coffee?" I'm pretty sure I ask myself that every time I am in Starbucks haha.


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