Peplum: Lilly Pulitzer, Shorts: Lilly Pulitzer, Necklace: Pink Pineapple Shop, Bag: The Cambridge Satchel Company, Bracelet: Zappos, Belt: Lilly Pulitzer (similar), Shoes: Lilly Pulitzer (similar)
There are two things I’d like to highlight today.  I feel like Lilly is my go-to during the spring and summer months.  There’s nothing like sporting your Lilly on a warm, sunny day.  
This necklace from Pink Pineapple Shop is such a compliment to Lilly.  It’s the perfect shade of green.  It also lays so perfectly with the three strands.  Who doesn’t love a pop of green!  I also loved wearing it with on of my favorite neon tops.  It is so versatile and fun to style! 
Secondly, if you’re a Lilly lover, this book is a must read!  I will start off my saying, I don’t particularly like to read.  When I do, it must be a book that has a way of catching my attention and being about something that interests me.  Of course Lilly Pulitzer does, this book had me just by reading the title.  Lilly, by Kathryn Livingston, highlights the life of Lilly Pulitzer.  I loved reading about Lilly’s life and the brand.  There is so much to know about Lilly.  You will fall in love with her by reading this book.  Full of spunk and rebellion, Lilly lived a life to stand out and be different.  What I loved most is how it truly makes you appreciate the brand as it holds such a fabulous story behind it.  We know that it all started with a juice stand, but it was Lilly’s determination to become something.  It is truly inspiring to know what a legend the designer of such a sunny brand left behind.  I highly recommend this book…it is a great summer read, and you will not be disappointed. 
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  1. I swear your hair always looks so perfect! Mine is blonde and about the same length, I would love to see a hair routine post if you would be interested!


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