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Happy Tuesday, Y’all!  There’s a phrase my Aunt told me a while back that has meant a lot to me.  The more I’ve thought about it, the more it has grown to be meaningful in areas of my life.  Of course it is so important to have self confidence, but have you ever thought about the idea of having “God confidence”?  Well, when you think about it and fully grasp the meaning, it is a powerful thing to have.  My Aunt and I chatted about it for a while the other day, and I just wanted to share.
God confidence is being able to be confident in God’s promises.  It’s being confident of who you are in Christ Jesus.  I know for me, sometimes it is easy to become so confident in myself, my own thoughts and trust in my own abilities that I begin to leave God out.  But then, something will bring me back to remembering where my confidence truly comes from.  I have learned this over the years…there are people who will try to take away your self confidence (if you let them!!) but no one can take away your confidence in God.  No one can take away the comfort and promises you find in Him.  Something I always remind myself of is not to depend on what people think or say but what God’s promises say and then relate them to my life.  It is so reassuring to know that there is always comfort and guidance to be found in Jesus.  I try so hard to be prepared and in control of what will happen in life, but I’m quickly reminded of who is in control of my life.  Trusting in God and believing in His promises brings a confidence that  no one can take away from you.  
Here are a few of the verses that I find so much confidence in: 
Delightfully Yours,

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  1. Great post:) A while back I heard (but I can't confirm) that Elizabeth Elliot said that one of the greatest problems with American Christians today is self esteem. At first I was little taken aback because I believed self esteem was important. But her point is exactly what you just said, the more we trust in self and look to our feelings about ourselves to bring us value the less we trust in Christ and what he says about us to bring us value.
    I am so glad to see where the Lord is bringing you and pray that He will day by day show you how amazingly trustworthy he is!

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