He Is Able

Happy Tuesday, Friends!  Today I want to share a verse that has been close to my heart recently.  I think we all hit that point where we become so overwhelmed with all that is going on in life…obligations, meeting deadlines, personal matters, and just the feeling of lagging behind when all you want to do is get ahead.  Then, we also have the big things in our life where all we want to see is a certain person healed or maybe a situation resolved.  You go to friends to tell of your feelings, trying to find a gleam of hope to lift your spirits in some way.  Or you beat yourself up by overdoing it to achieve all you needed to do that day.  But in the end, you still have an overwhelmed heart and a feeling of just wanting to give up.  
Does this all sound familiar?  It sure does to me.  Well here’s the most important thing we’ve left out…God!  God is able.  He is the one we must call on.  He hears our every prayer and is right there with us understanding our every feeling (Psalm 139:2-3).  But it goes beyond that!  God is able to answer our prayers.  He is able to heal people, hearts, relationships.  He is able to give you the strength you need to complete whatever it is you need to do.  He is able to help you be the very best you can be.  I start my days off by giving the day to Him, because I know that He is able to help me be the very best I can be.  
“Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us” ~ Ephesians 3:20
So next time you start to stress, turn to the Lord, ask for His help and guidance, and remember this…
He Is:
Able To Do
Able To Do What We Ask
Able To Do What We Ask Or Think
Able To Do All That We Ask Or Think
Able To Do Above All We Ask Or Think
Able To Do Abundantly Above All That We Ask Or Think
Able To Do Exceedingly Abundantly Above All That We Ask Or Think
Delightfully Yours,

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