Lord, I Need You…

Happy Tuesday, Friends!  This week, I want to share part of a song that is near and dear to my heart.  It is called Lord, I Need You by Ron Hamilton.  I love this song, because it is so applicable to life.  It’s a reminder that no matter what life brings about, “when the sea of life is calm” or “the wind is blowing strong,” we always need the Lord.  But what I love even more is not only the picture it sets of how we turn to the Lord, but the example is gives of how the Lord longs to hear us cry out to Him. He wants our all.  “My anxious voice cried upward with words You long to hear…Lord I need You!” I keep the words tucked away in my Bible, on my desk, and memorized because it’s also a reminder for me to find strength in the Lord.  I sing this song to Madeline because I want her to learn from a very early age that no matter what life brings about, always cling to the Lord.
Sometimes when life seems gentle and blessings flood my
I turn my gaze away from You and soon forget to pray.
But when the sky grows darker and courage turns to fear,
My anxious voice cries upward with words you long to

Lord, help me to remember I’m weak but You are strong.
I cannot sing apart from You, for Lord You are my song.
Although I’m prone to wander and boast in all I do;
Lord keep my eyes turned upward so I depend on You.
Lord, I need You when the sea of life is calm.
O Lord, I need You when the wind is blowing strong.
Whether trials come or cease, keep me always on my knees.

Lord, I need You. Lord I need You.

Delightfully Yours,

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