Faithful In The Little Things

Hello Friends!  I’m here with another inspirational post…the first one of 2016!  I know how I have touched on the way “little things” to me, are a true reflection of God’s love for us and a way to truly watch Him work in our lives.  I am excited to continue talking about this idea during.  Why?  Because God has been so faithful.  I am going to make it a conscious effort to continue to notice these “little things” throughout this year.  

Allow me to go into a little more detail
 I’m sure we can all relate to times in our lives where we have a certain situation burdening us.  It takes hold of us, it tries to consume us, and overall, we begin to feel as if there isn’t any hope.  You pray about it, trust God with it, and know that is all you can do. Then, out of no where comes this “little thing.”  It may be an answer to a prayer that you prayed a long time ago, it may be a kind deed or message from a person that you felt was truly God sent, it may a “Thank you, Lord, I really needed that.”  Do you get the picture?  It is a little thing that reminds you of how God is working out every single little detail of your life.  It is a reminder that He hears every prayer and knows your every thought (Psalm 139:2-3).  He knows what will mean something to you.
Here is a little story  
I promised I would share some about my education with y’all!  Well, I don’t think it’s any surprise that I hadn’t completed my degree by the time I had Madeline.  Although it was something I definitely wanted to do, the thought of having to take time away from her to devote to going to class and all that jazz brought me to tears.  By summer of last year, I was dreading picking up classes again in the fall.  Then out of no where, I felt a pull on my heart to change my major.  I had this longing to be back in an allied health program.  So, I took a leap of faith and switched my major to Health Information Administration.  One plus that greatly encouraged my decision was that 90% of the classes I had taken this far counted to the new major (as business is a huge part of HIA).  So here I was the week before a new semester was to begin trying to drop and add the classes I needed.  This is where my heart sank as I found out that the classes I needed to complete were more time consuming and come along with a much heavier study load.  I told myself that with God’s help, I could do it.  But then another kink occurred.  As I was preparing to register, my advisor informed me that all the seats were filled in the classes I needed.  So what was I to do now??  I couldn’t even take the classes I needed.  I switched my major and felt I had made a huge mistake.  But after much going back and forth, the Lord opened doors. I was able to take the classes I needed through another university as a transient student through my current university.  Even better?  I have been able to take these classes online, which has allowed me to devote to Madeline the time I was so worried about loosing.  I am still standing here in awe as I think back on all of this.  God had this worked out all along.  He worked in my heart, and He brought forth one little thing after the next to lead me to where I am right now.  He. Is. Faithful.
I think on this verse:
“If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones…”

God wants to see that we can be trusted with the little things, which in turn, lead to larger things.  If God looks on us with this idea, think about how much more we can look to Him with the same idea!  So, I encourage you as this new year has just begun, trust God with every aspect of your life.  As you do this, watch for the “little things.”  You will be amazed 🙂
Delightfully Yours,

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  1. Don't you just love when you see God's plan working itself out, when all along you questioned each part?! God is so powerful and sometimes I forget it, He always reminds me though. This semester I too had concerns, but He in His mercy, has worked out each detail for His glory. Congratulations on heading back to school 🙂

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

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