Finding Happiness

Happy Tuesday, Friends! Have you ever heard the saying that happiness is a choice? There is so much in the world today that can get you down. Seriously, just watch the news and you are assured to find something to worry about. There always seems to be something in our everyday lives that we can get stuck on and make ourselves go crazy worrying about it.  There is always someone in life that will try to get you down even if that was never your intention.  These are the things that make me realize happiness is a choice.  Now, how do you fight worries and replace them with happiness?  The way I do this is simply look at your day, your life, and the things that bring you joy.  Though hardships may come and there is always something to get your mind in a dither, God is faithful.  He has placed blessings all around us. For instance, I look at Madeline and the joy she brings me.  I look at her and think about how much God really loves me to bless me with her and allowing me to be her Mama.  I look at the beauty of a sunny day and the blue sky and think wow the Lord created that! I look at the friendships and the strong bond I have with my family and thank the Lord for such compassion He has for blessing me with them.  I look at the ways He has helped me with balancing life and school all while being a Mama.  Do you see what I’m saying about finding the blessings everywhere?  And that is how I choose happiness.  I choose happiness by inviting the Lord into every aspect of my life.  It is through my walk with His that I have the peace I need for each day and the happiness I have to overcome whatever this world throws at me.  I also remember to take whatever the Lord has placed before me and use it as a time to grow in faith.
The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in Him, and He helps me. My heart leaps for joy, and with my song I praise Him.
~ Psalm 28:7 ~

I encourage you today to choose happiness.  Set aside the fears, the worries and the doubts.  Look around you and see the beauty of the day and the blessings the Lord has set before you.  Place your happiness in the Lord.
Delightfully Yours, 

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