A “Little”…Big Lesson

Happy Tuesday, Friends! I’ve been wanting to do a little catching up for quite some time now. It seems like lately it has been a matter of “if I can just get this or that done.”  In other words, I have felt like life has been moving at such a fast pace that It’s difficult to even find time to catch my breath. Well, this is where I’ll begin and also bring in a little lesson that I have learned…

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned in my fourteen months of being a mother is to enjoy the “little things” in life. These little things may be, for instance, after a really long day, the little snuggles with your baby suddenly make everything better. I believe as parents, we learn to cherish these little things because they go by oh-so fast. I was told this by many and now, I believe it first hand as I’ve experienced it. But I’ve also learned this whole idea to focus on the “little things” as I have seen the Lord’s love in a whole new light…I have seen the Lord at work by seeing him with me, experiencing his love and glory, seeing his “I will never leave you nor forsake you” in the little things as well.

It’s amazing what a year can bring! This time last year, Madeline was itty bitty (a little over two months old). I can remember the feeling of wondering “what on earth am I doing.” Although I still feel that every once in a while, there were so many feelings in my head. I was so worried about the unknown. I was already worried about school beginning back in the fall and attending classes, having to leave Madeline and cut out so much time with her. I was worried about what people were saying about me and my entire situation. I was so confused with what I was to be doing, feeling like “how on earth am I suppose to keep up?” I really didn’t know where I’d be a year from then.

It’s amazing to watch the Lord work in your life one step at a time. So often, I want to take a step, a leap and a jump to know what the end result will be, when really I really need to take a deep breath and simply the next step. Over the past year, the Lord has worked in my heart to lead me in a different direction with my education. And through this, he not only gave me a new light which sustained me, but he also worked out a way for me to have all but one of my classes online the last two semesters. As I look back on this, it is really a miracle how it all happened. I can so evidently look back and see the times the Lord worked in that person’s heart…gave me the words to say…gave me the strength to push through…went before me and made “the crooked places straight.” There was even a time when I was about to drop a class because I really didn’t see a way to pass it, which then led me to finding out that dropping it wasn’t even an option. Feeling weary and helpless, I asked the Lord to please send me help and carry me through. And he provided…sending me help out of no where. And I ended up competing the course.

Being able to carry on with my blog that I enjoy so much was also something I never saw myself doing a year ago. It really has been a balancing act. I kind of had to re-grow a love for my little space on the internet as I didn’t know which direction I wanted to go with it. Rebranding was the best decision I ever made on here, but it has been quite a transition. But most importantly, it taught me to appreciate what I have through it and everything I have worked so hard to achieve through it on a whole new level. Also, I appreciate each and every one of you reading this more than you could know! The Lord has been by my side through every little aspect of it as well, and it has ended up being such a blessing in so many ways.

While all this was going on, I was still putting my number one assignment (and my favorite, I may add) first, being Madeline’s Mama. I told myself way back that no matter what landed on my plate, I knew what assignment had to come first, because it is the one thing I know without a doubt where God wants me to be. I am so grateful to be her mama, and I simply could not imagine life any other way. I love Madeline more than words could ever express.  I’ve caught myself saying so may times, wait, how did all this actually work out with everything going on?! How have I been able to keep all this going and balancing everything? But I know now that I can look back, smile and give God all the glory.

I still have so many prayers that I’m continuously praying. There are so many unknowns that I’m sill facing…waiting to hear answers of what I’ll be doing a few months from now, for instance. But what’s different this year from last is that I’m not freaking out like I was. Because I know that every little step leads to the next one, where God wants me to be. God will give me just enough light for the step I’m on to keep me depending on him. Although I may grow weary in my day-to-day tasks, I’ve learned to embrace the fact that God has been right here with me all along. I’ve learned to see the Lord in the midst of every assignment, task, situation on my list. Through this, I’ve learned to embrace the little things in life more. And through this, I’ve learned to embrace the season that I’m currently in. I know that this is where the Lord has me. I want nothing more than his plan for my life and Madeline’s. So, embracing him in every little moment, trusting him for the next step after this one, will I know lead to the bigger picture in the end.

Be still, and know that I am God…”
~ Psalm 46:10 ~

The words “Be still” remind me to be patient, wait for the Lord and be of good courage in the current season I’m in. And the word “know”reminds me that I can be sure of who is in control of my life. We never know what God has in store next as he has an ultimate plan for our lives. Give it all to him, sit back and watch him work.

I hope this has been of some encouragement to you.  Thanks so much for reading! 💗

Delightfully Yours,

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