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Fall Fashion - Something Delightful Blog
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Fall Fashion - Something Delightful Blog
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Happy Monday, Friends! We’re back home from a fabulous time in Williamsburg, VA. The drive home yesterday was so long that we didn’t get back until pretty late, so we’re getting things started a little later today than usual. But today is my birthday, and I’m so excited to share this special Q&A post! Thanks so much to those of you who sent in questions. I hope y’all enjoy 😊
Why did you start blogging?

I have always had a love for fashion for as long as I can remember. I actually started my blog after I grew my Instagram account, which is opposite from the way it usually goes. I began sharing my outfits and cute purchases on my Instagram, which is when I began to gain a following. I had always wanted to start a blog, and after several people who followed my Instagram suggested that I do so and a boost of extra encouragement from Jaclyn, I started this blog. It has grown into so much more than a hobby and has brought me more opportunities, than I could ever imagine. Not to mention, it has allowed me to meet some pretty amazing people and create some special friendships along the way. It has always been and remains a creative outlet for me, which is one of the main reasons I began blogging. It started out as A Preppy State of Mind, but I re-launched it as Something Delightful in the summer of 2015. And this leads me to the next question…
What made you decide to change your blog name?

When I started this blog and gave it the name “A Preppy State of Mind”, I never really asked myself if it was a name I could grow with. One of my biggest pieces of advice for someone looking to start a blog is to choose a name that you can not only grow with but can also cover all areas of life and everything you want to blog about. Once I became a mama, I knew that I wanted to incorporate so much more into my blog. My daughter is my life, and I wanted to be able to include her in my blog. My faith also plays a huge part in my life, and I knew that I wanted to incorporate more of that into my blog as well. Psalm 37:4 has always been one of my favorite verses, which is how the word “Delightful” became part of my blog name. I also became important for me to bring out the fact that everyone is different and has their own story, which makes us each unique. But in the craziness of life, there is always something delightful….something unique that sets you apart from everyone else. So while my life may be quite crazy at times, it is also pure bliss being a mama and treasuring so much that the Lord has blessed me with. I always like to say that you will be sure to find “Something Delightful” on this blog πŸ™‚
What is your advice for someone wanting to start a blog?

I get this question very often and know that it would be great to do a whole post on this. First off, I’d say to start by deciding what you want to blog about whether it is fashion, travel, food, motherhood, faith, all of the above. Then, pick out a blog name that will not only cover everything you blog about but that you can also grow with. When choosing a name, think about what is important to you, what inspires you, and what is unique to you. Make your blog name so…you! My other biggest piece of advice would be to remain consistent. Decide how many days a week you want to post on your blog and what days, if possible (I know that’s not always as easy to do, especially as a mama). But I truly believe that consistency is key. And lastly I’d say to enjoy it! Make sure you start it for the right reasons and always think back to those reasons if you start to feel defeated. Don’t compare yourself to others…it’s such a dangerous trap to fall in. And remember that you are uniquely you and bring something special to the table. It’s always important to be honest as well. I know that I love to see more “behind the scenes” stuff than just pretty pictures, which is why I always try include what is going on in my life at the time. This also brings me to my next question…
How do you balance everything?

Okay this is definitely a tricky question because there is simply no science to this. Let me just say that it takes a whole lot of prayer and determination. I always remember that I am a mama and God blessed me with a precious little girl to raise and care for. Being a single mom isn’t always easy, but there is always so much beauty in it. I start every day out with prayer and ask the Lord for wisdom for the day. I have gotten into a routine to where I wake up super early, way before Madeline does, to work on school or my blog. I work on assignments, posts, emails, etc. before she wakes up. I like to give her my 100%, if possible, throughout the day, so I try to only work on things while she’s sleeping. Being a full time student and doing it all from home can be quite the challenge. And then running my blog is quite time consuming as well. I really should do a whole post on this and how I schedule everything out throughout the week. But let me just say that a lot of determination plays into everything. I am determined to get out of bed early every morning and get busy. I love my blog and want to continue it for as long as I can. I want my degree in HIA and am driven to work on my assignments, watch lectures, study for tests, etc. And more than anything, I want to succeed for Madeline. I want to be the example for her and provide for her. I want to show her to never give up. SO even though I may be sleep deprived (sleep is usually what I cut out of my schedule, unfortunately), I am determined to get busy every day. And with a lot of help from the Lord, I manage to figure it all out somehow πŸ™‚
What do you love to do most with Madeline?

This one is pretty difficult to answer, because there is so much I enjoy doing with her. She has the cutest little personality and quite a bit of sass, which plays into everything we do. I love reading to her. She absolutely loves to be outside playing, which we do a lot of. She loves animals. And she lovessss to dance! It is the cutest thing. A song will come on the radio and you can see her dancing while strapped into her car seat haha. She loves to play ball, especially basketball. But at the same time she’s such a girly girl and loves anything that I have. For instance, if I have boots on, she wants to put her boots on. It is the cutest thing! She is starting to say (or at least attempt) everything that I say now, which is so cute! It seems like she’s saying a new word every day. So I could go on and on with this question. But being Madeline’s mama is my favorite part of life and there’s so much that I enjoy doing with her.
How do you get your waves with short hair?

I also get this question a ton! I need to get a hair tutorial together but haven’t had the opportunity to do it yet. But I have found that is is best to fix my short hair when it’s wet and not to let it air dry. I spray this Bumble & Bumble Surf Foam Spray (seriously the best for short hair!) and dry it with a hair dryer (this is the one I use). Then I let that set while I do my makeup. Next, I spray a little heat protectant over my hair and use this curling wand to curl it. It is a little pricey but seriously worth every penny! It comes with three different extensions, but I use the one inch straight barrel to get the waves on my short hair. After I curl it in sections, I let is set for about thirty minutes (or at least ten if I’m pressed for time) and gently separate the curls. Then I finish it off with this spray and this spray (I alternate the two since one it pricey). It takes some practice, but I promise I will get a video up with a tutorial before long. 
If you could only shop at one store the rest of your life, where would it be?

Hands down Nordstrom. First of all, the customer service is awesome. I also love that there is such a wide price range to shop. I always try to stick to under $100 items, and that is so easy to do at Nordstrom. Also, I love that they price match. Lastly, they carry so many brands…even J.Crew, so I can get pretty much everything I need from there if I could only shop there for the rest of my life. They have everything I need, stuff for Madeline, beauty products, etc. 
What is something unique about yourself?

Hmm, I’m not too sure about this one. I have a really random phobia. I’m deathly afraid of birds! For as long as I can remember, I have had a fear of birds and I don’t know why or what started it. But I about have a heart attack if one gets close to me. I can hardly even look at pictures of them!
What camera do you use to take your pictures?

I’m currently using a Nikon D5100 body with a 100mm lens. I really don’t know much about cameras at all. My Mama is a rockstar and my biggest supporter as she takes all of my blog photos! She has really figured it all out πŸ™‚ However, I am about to invest in a new camera body and a few new lenses! So, if y’all have any recommendations, please share!! I’m looking into a Nikon D7100, but would love to hear if any of you recommend something different. I do want to stay with a Nikon, though. 
How do you stay on a healthy routine?

This one is also tricky to answer as, once again, there is no science to it. I would say to start by finding something to motivate yourself with. This started for me when I invested in a Fitbit. I was able to track my steps and compete with friends in weekly races which was so much fun! Then in no time, the baby weight started falling off! I was really motivated at this point and just kept going. Now I love to eat healthy (however, sweet are my weakness!),  have completely cut out fast food (with the exception of Chick-Fil-A as I feel that you can pick healthy options there), and enjoy walking! Walking is such a stress relief for me, and Madeline loves to be outside, so we grab the stroller and head out for some fresh air. 
Well, there you have it! If you made it to the end of this text-heavy post then congrats! I hope y’all enjoyed this post and thanks so much for stopping by.
Delightfully Yours,
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  1. I love these posts, they really let readers get to know bloggers even better! I've been reading since you were "A Preppy State of Mind" & I've loved growing with you. When I started reading I was a single college student & now I'm a married first year teacher who is hoping to start a family soon. Your adventures with Madeline are my favorite part about your blog πŸ™‚

    xoxo, SS

    Southern And Style

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