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What to wear on NYE - Something Delightful Blog
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Kate Spade Pumps - Something Delightful Blog
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Happy 2017, Friends! Here’s to my first post of the new year. It always feels nice to begin with a fresh start. I always enjoy kicking off a new week, but how about kicking off a new year at the beginning of the week! This is the outfit that I wore on NYE. Although it was a casual, laid-back evening, I made sure to incorporate some sparkle into my look. I just have to take a moment to brag on this sweater…y’all, it’s sparkly, pink and metallic. I simply couldn’t resist! I have already put together so many cute looks with this piece. I can promise that you will see it again on here. I can’t wait to pair it with denim for a more casual look. It is under $70 and also comes in black. This statement necklace was also the perfect touch to the look. I love the blush stones. 
I hope your new week and new year are off to a great start. I am debating on whether or not I should share some of my New Years resolutions on here. I have quite a few. I remembered this year to make sure that they are all attainable. I look at it the exact same way as if I make my to-do list too long for one day. I end up feeling defeated at the end of the day for not being able to complete it. It’s the same way for the year. If I push myself to do things that most likely aren’t possible, I’ll just overwhelm myself. So, I remembered to make my resolutions attainable. Also, as I’m working on planning posts for the next few months, I’d LOVE to hear some of what y’all are wanting to see more of on Something Delightful for 2017. I’m open to any ideas! What’s your favorite, and what would you like to see…more fashion, posts on motherhood, cooking, fitness, etc. I’m beginning a new semester in a few days, so although I will definitely have quite a load on my back with that, I will still be bringing y’all “delightful” content on here 🙂 Feel free to leave me any ideas you have in the comment box below or feel free to email them to me. 
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  1. I love all the fashion post and I get a lot of inspiration from you so please don't change any of that but I would love to see more post on motherhood and fitness!

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