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Grey, White & Blush - Something Delightful Blog
Extra Large Monogram Necklace - Something Delightful Blog
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Bow Back Sweater - Something Delightful Blog
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Happy Friday, Friends! Yay, we’re almost to the weekend ๐Ÿ™‚ 
I have been on such a grey + white kick lately. I feel that it is the absolute perfect color combination for transitioning into spring. I came across this under $50 tie-back sweater and instantly fell in love! It’s light weight, making it perfect for transitioning. I immediately loved it paired with white denim and decided to add in a white bandeau to the mix as I thought it would be a subtle way to pair the grey with the white (and also because the sweater does dip down enough to show your bra). What I love even more than grey + white is grey, white and blush paired together! When I first purchased these peep toe booties, I didn’t think I’d get that much wear out of them. But goodness was I proven wrong! Such a great pair of shoes.
What I’m mostly excited about is the fact that Madeline now has enough hair for pigtails! I got her this little set of pigtail bows months ago and have been saving them for the special occasion. Now I definitely need to get her a new set because pink stripes have been forced to match with everything in her closet these past few days haha. She is always on the go, but her personality absolutely lights up the room! She is talking so much these days. Seriously new words are coming out of that little mouth each day. I also think it is so adorable that she is learning her manners. I’ll ask her if she would like something to drink and she will say “Oh yes, of course. Thank you, Mama.” She also loves to sing and dance. She’ll want me to dance with her all the time. I’m constantly amazed at the songs she knows! It really is the cutest thing and I know I say this about each age, but I never want these sweet moments to end. Trying to bottle them up each and every day. I know all of you mamas can relate ๐Ÿ™‚
Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope y’all are ready to have a fabulous weekend!
Delightfully Yours,
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