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Valentine's Day Outfit - Something Delightful Blog
*It was extra windy πŸ™‚
Baby Fashion - Something Delightful Blog
Valentine's Day - Something Delightful Blog
Valentine's Day Outfit - Something Delightful Blog
Valentine's Day - Something Delightful Blog
Baby Fashion - Something Delightful Blog
Ruffle Hem Top - Something Delightful Blog
Valentine's Day - Something Delightful Blog
Me: Ruffle Hem Top (Absolutely obsessed! Comes in four colors and is under $50) // Denim // Lace-Up Backless Flats // ZAC Zac Posen Bag // Monogram Necklace
Madeline: Dress // Lace-Up Flats // Hair Bow
Happy Valentine’s Day, Loves! I hope these pictures of sweet Madeline brighten your day. My heart was just about to burst while going through them πŸ™‚ Funny Story…She loves Peppa Pig and thinks that jumping in puddles is the absolute best thing to do. When we were taking these pictures, she decided that (yes, the sewer cap πŸ™Š) would be the perfect pretend “muddy puddle” and started jumping on it. As gross as that thought may be, I just love her imagination as it never fails to entertain and make me smile. 
Anyways, I thought that “I Love You!” would be the perfect title for today’s post, because when I look at Madeline, those three words immediately come to mind. I’m sure all of you mamas can relate, but do you ever just look at your child and think what did I do to deserve you?! Of course there are moments when you may just want to pull your hair out, but the love that flows from being a mama and the joy that children bring to life always outweigh any of the frustrating moments that come about. Especially as Madeline is getting older and starting to talk and make sense of everything, she is also becoming so affectionate. Last night, she walked up to me, wrapped her little arms around my legs and said “I Love You!” My heart just about burst. Even though she’s only one, I know that our bond will always be a special one. I know that the love I have for her will only continue to grow. She is my heart and will always be my little Valentine. 
That also leads me to think about another love. That is one that the Lord has for YOU! Think about it, he gave his ONLY Son to die for you. Can you imagine that kind of love? 
“How deep the Father’s love for us, how vast beyond all measure, that he should give his only Son, to make a wretch his treasure.” – Stuart Townend
I think about how evident the Lord’s love is for me, personally. I think about how the Lord loves me to have given Madeline to me. I think about his love that outpours from each and every situation. I can see it so evidently through many areas in my life and can feel the presence of his love…even when I look at the beautiful blue sky, a sunset on the beach, the majestic mountains in the fall, and the list goes on. His love is everywhere. He wants you to experience it and know just how loved you are each and every day.
So, maybe you have a different perspective of Valentine’s Day. I tend to love it, even though I don’t get into the romantic part of it haha, because pink & red, chocolate, flowers, hearts…what isn’t there to love about it?! But if you have that different perspective, remember that there’s a love you can be excited about each and every day of the year, and that my friends is the Lord’s love. He loves you SO much. 
Thanks so much for stopping by! Madeline and I hope y’all have the sweetest day ever πŸ™‚
Delightfully Yours,
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  1. What a sweet post. I think all the same things on Valentine's Day! Thank you for sharing. Also, the little mommy and me shoes are too cute. Happy Valentine's Day!

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