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Happy Thursday! Today I thought it would be fun to change things up a bit and share some of my favorite makeup products. It wasn’t until a little over a year ago that I started really “getting into” makeup. I became interested in what does what for your face and kind of got hooked on trying out new products. Now, I get so much excitement out of testing new products and feel like I’ve finally found what I call my “go-to” routine in makeup. I think what has made me learn the most about makeup is Youtube videos…countless Youtube videos. Whenever I have a question about a product or want to see how to use something, I just search it on Youtube, watch how it is normally used, and make up my own technique with it. Anyways, sharing beauty products with y’all is something I really want to start doing in 2017. I want to film some tutorials, and I promise the hair tutorial is coming! I’m in the process of seeing what I need to film a good video as it is something I have never done. If anyone has some tips on that, I could really use them and would so appreciate it ๐Ÿ™‚
Now to the products…

I absolutely love the glow that this primer gives, especially during the summer time! I have been using it for about two years now and have yet to find one that I like better. It almost has a golden glow to it. It’s very “radiant” haha. A tube of this usually lasts me anywhere from 4-5 months. 
This tinted moisturizer is another that I have been using for forever and continue to call my favorite. I wear the shade “nude.” I feel like the coverage is great, and it is very breathable. A tube of this usually lasts me around 2-3 months. 
This ‘Naked Skin’ concealer is without a doubt my favorite. I wear the color “light neutral.” I like to apply it to any blemishes that I may have at the time and always on my chin, below my eyes, above my brows and a tiny bit in between my eyes (at the top of my nose, basically). This tube usually lasts me anywhere between 2-3 months. 
This is what I use to blend it all in. It’s basically a knockoff of the Beautyblender but for a fraction of the price! What I love about it is that it has a flat, sharp edge that’s perfect for blending in under the eyes. 
If I had to choose a very favorite makeup product, it would be this translucent powder. I can’t stress how amazing this stuff is. It’s like a miracle powder. The look that it gives as it sets everything is amazing. I have always used a Kabuki brush to apply my powder (I’ve had mine for forever). I usually go through a thing of powder every 2 months since the container isn’t that big.
I feel like this is a very important step in the makeup process. This overall helps my eyeshadow to stay in place and not sprinkle excess shadow all over my face as I apply it. This tube usually lasts me for about 6 months. 
I have tried many many eyeshadows, and this palette is my all-time favorite and the one I use for everyday looks. Somedays I won’t use as many colors, but my go-to “warm neutral” look comes from this palette. It is soooo pretty, and the colors are perfectly pigmented. I especially love the crisp gold tone that many of them have. I also have this palette in the cool neutrals, but I use this one way more. 
I just started using this liner about a week ago and am hooked! It’s basically a liquid liner in a pencil version (the applicator portion is like a sponge). I had been wanting to switch to a liquid liner but was a little worried about applying it. Since it is in a pencil, you have total control over applying it, and the best part is that it stays in place all day long!
This brow pencil is amazing because it is both a brush and a pencil. I always begin by brushing out my brows to the shape I want, then pencil them in. It is such an easy product to use! My only complaint about this is that I’ve had the brush portion break off several times, which is really inconvenient. But I continue to use it because I really do love it and recommend it. I use it in the color “caramel.” It usually lasts me about 1-2 months. 
My brows are never complete without some brow gel. It is basically like hairspray for your brows…the finishing touch ๐Ÿ™‚ It holds them in place all day long and keeps them looking like you just did them. I love this stuff! It goes on clear. I’ve been using my current tube for about 3 months and haven’t run out yet.
Don’t you just love when you find a cheap mascara that you absolutely love?! Well my mama and sister introduced me to this mascara and I’m telling y’all, it’s amazing! And for under $10 you can’t go wrong. However, I do like to top mine off with this mascara (ignore the name lol) as it gives them a little fuller look. I usually use the cheaper one for about 2-3 months and since I don’t use as much of the second one, I can usually get by with using it for about 3-4 months. 
I absolutely love this contour kit! It is amazing. I like to mix the two lighter shades on the second row to contour, and I add some of the lighter shades on the top row as a highlighter underneath my eyes. But I also use another highlighter (see below). I’ve been using the same couture kit for almost a year now and still have a good bit to go.  
This amazing illuminating bronzing powder serves as both my bronzer and my blush. I absolutely love it! I use it in the shade “Santa Barbara.” It also has sort of a gold glow to it. One of these will usually last me about six months. 
So this highlighter is super cheap and absolutely amazing! Something so great for only $6? You can’t go wrong. I like to add this as a finishing touch underneath my eyes, underneath my brow line, a little bit in between my eyes at the top of my nose and a tiny bit to my chin. 
I absolutely love this brush set. I use all three: one with concealer, one for contouring and one for highlighting. This brand has some of the best brushes for a great price!
My current favorite lip combination is the MAC lip pencil in “Hip ‘N’ Happy” and the MAC lipstick in “Angel”. It’s the perfect pink lip color (not too soft and not too bright) for an everyday look. I’ve also found that it matches most of the pink that I wear ๐Ÿ™‚
Well, that’s about it for my current favorite everyday products! I’d love to hear if y’all enjoyed this post and would like to see more in the future. I’d also love to hear about some of your favorite go-to products as I’m always looking to try more.
Thanks so much for stopping by!
Delightfully Yours,
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  1. Some of those products are definitely staples. Those Real Techniques brushes are amazing and the Anastasia contour kit is great quality as well. I haven't tried some others but I'd love to. And I also learned more about makeup on youtube, it's such an amazing place to learn, it's easy and we can watch what we want exactly.

    Marta –

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