Everything You Need To Know To Shop The 2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Everything You Need To Know To Shop The 2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale - Something Delightful Blog
Happy Friday, Friends! I’m SO excited (more like ecstatic) for today’s post. Why?! Because I’m sharing everything you need to know in order to prepare and shop the 2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I cannot believe we are just days away from the start of the sale. I’m giddy with excitement. In today’s post, I’ll be sharing why this is the best sale of the yearimportant dates to remember, how to shop the sale early, things to do before you shop the sale, how to gain a strategy for shopping the sale, and a peek into the sale catalog (aka what I’ve got my eye on :)). Let’s get started, shall we?!
Everything You Need To Know To Shop The 2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale - Something Delightful Blog
Why This is the Best Sale of the Year:

Although it’s July and difficult to think about the fall right now, this sale is definitely worth switching your mindset over to cooler temps for a few weeks. If you’re new to the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, this sale is amazing because it gives you a chance to shop brand new fall merchandise at a sale price. Whereas fall collections usually start out full price and do not go on sale for months down the road, it’s reversed here. The new fall collections hit the floor at a sale price then go back up to regular price after a few weeks. It’s simply the best sale of the entire year! Prices are amazing, there’s simply no other sale like it. It gives you a chance to stock up on transition pieces. fall, and even winter staples for the entire family. There’s always incredible clothing, accessories, shoes, beauty products, home decor and so much more to be found in this sale. If you really want to stretch it and like to plan ahead, think Christmas gifts! I’m telling y’all, there is no other sale like this one. You simply don’t want to miss it. 
Important Dates to Remember:
Early Access: Thursday, July 12th at 12:01 AM PST
Public Access: Friday, July 20th at 12:01 AM PST
End Date: Sunday, August 5th at 11:59 PM PST

Early Access for the sale (cardholders only) begins Thursday July 12th and runs through Thursday July 19th. Public access (cardholders and non-cardholders) begins Friday July 20th and runs through August 5th, when the sale ends and prices go back up to full price. 
How to Shop the Sale Early:

If you’ve shopped the sale in the past, then you know how the saying goes: “The Card is the Key!” If you want to gain early access to the sale, then you must be a Nordstrom cardholder. And YES there is still plenty of time to do so before the sale begins next Thursday. Click here to apply. I have had my Nordstrom card for years and can honestly say that there are so many perks to being a cardholder. See some of them below: 
1. Well, you get to shop the Anniversary Sale early!!
2. You can earn two points per every dollar you spend at Nordstrom stores and online, Nordstrom Rack, HauteLook and Trunk Club.
3. You automatically receive a $40 bonus note on any purchase you make with your card the day you’re approved. 
4. No annual fees
5. 24/7 customer service
6. Nordy Notes!!! (you’ll basically be periodically sent Nordstrom cash to spend for shopping with your Nordy card).
As if the sale wasn’t a good enough reason to be a Nordstrom cardholder
Everything You Need To Know To Shop The 2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale - Something Delightful Blog
Is it really worth it to shop the sale early?

The answer to this is simple; Absolutely YES!!! Shopping the sale early allows you to gain access to the best items. Within the first week, most of the popular items will be gone. You may see a re-stock here and there or some returns float in, but if you are eyeing something and want to make sure you get it, then I highly recommend shopping the sale during early access. Being able to shop the sale for eight days before the sale opens to the public is a huge deal. But if you’re still set on waiting to shop on July 20th, then you can still browse the sale and add items to your wishlist. You just won’t be able to actually purchase them until the 20th.
Things to do before you shop the sale:

1. First and foremost, mark your calendar/set your alarm! You’ll want to be ready to go the minute the sale starts, because things really do sell out that fast. I’m always up and ready to go the minute the sale begins. Between shopping and preparing a massive sale guide for y’all here on Something Delightful, I usually don’t sleep the night the sale begins haha. 
2. I also highly recommend checking out the Anniversary Sale catalog (didn’t receive one in the mail? Click here to view it online). Go through it a few times and bookmark the items you’re loving so that you’ll be able to spot them out in a heartbeat once the sale begins. 
3. I also recommend going through your closet before the sale begins. Check and see what you may be needing from this sale. With fall being a few short months away, it may be difficult to actually picture what you’re needing without flipping through what you already have. Be sure to do the same for the kids! 
Everything You Need To Know To Shop The 2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale - Something Delightful Blog
How to gain a strategy for shopping the sale:

Trust me when I say it’s a good idea to go into this sale with a strategy. With the amount of items in this sale, you can easily become overwhelmed. If you’e been following me for a while, you know that I like to break it down by category. After you’ve gone through your closet (and your kids, etc.), make a list. Are you needing a new pair of jeans? Some fall basics (cozy cardigans, tees to layer under cardigans, etc.)? Dresses for church/work? Athletic wear? Bras and underwear? Did you wear out your favorite fall boots or booties last year and need a new pair for this year? I know I did. 
So, make a list! Write down what you’re hoping to find in the sale this year. That way you’ll be sure to snatch up what you’re needing, and maybe a few fun/splurge items you may want to treat yourself to 🙂
*It’s also important to remember that returns are free and so easy!* Nordstrom has an amazing and generous return policy. So if you are ordering online and aren’t sure of what size to get in something, I highly recommend ordering both sizes. Try them both on at home and then send back what doesn’t fit, because it’s much better to do that rather than miss out on an item all together. 
Everything You Need To Know To Shop The 2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale - Something Delightful Blog
What I Stock Up On:

The main items I stock up on are shoes and fall staples. I always buy 90% of my fall shoes during this sale. In the past, I’ve found myself not purchasing pairs of shoes I love during the sale and going back to purchase them after the sale ends (paying full price). So if I see a pair of shoes I absolutely love for fall and feel I’ll get a ton of wear out of, I buy them. I also like to stock up on a pair of designer jeans (there’s always a huge selection). I tend to buy a lot of cozy cardigans. I also like to focus on pieces to transition you from summer to fall, as there is always an amazing selection. I usually end up with a few new pieces of athletic wear. And I always take advantage of trying out some new beauty products from the sale. This year, I’m needing a new straightener, so I’m hoping there will be a great one in the sale.
I also stock up on tons of things for Madeline. Transition dresses, fall shoes, jeans, tops and so much more! The selection for babies and kids is just as good as the selection for women.   

Peek into the catalog:

If you have yet to view the 2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale catalog, click here to view it! Below, I’m sharing a few of the pieces I’ve bookmarked from the catalog and am hoping to purchase.
Peek into the 2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Catalo: What I'm Eyeing - Something Delightful Blog

My Favorite Way to Shop:

I’ve mentioned on here before that my Mama is my best friend, my photographer for Something Delightful and most definitely my favorite shopping buddy. Each year for the past few years, we have a tradition of shopping the NSale together. We live about three hours from the closest Nordstrom store, so we always take a girls trip to shop the sale. It’s one of the things I look forward to the most! However, as much time as we spend in Nordstrom during this trip and do shop the sale from the store, we still do a majority of the shopping online. Then we go to the store to pick it up! Did y’all know what was an option? When you go to checkout, simply select “pick up in store” and you will be prompted to select your location for pick up. I feel like shopping it entirely in the store can cause you to overlook things. Shopping online allows you to see everything! Some of the pieces may have to be shipped. But last year, I placed my order just an hour or so after the sale began online and picked up 90% of it in the store the very next day. I love this option!

Fun Things I have Planned For the Sale:

I will be placing an “Anniversary Sale” tab on my navigation bar, located at the top of my blog. Be sure to bookmark it, because I have so many fun things planned for the sale! Be sure to check back here early in the morning on July 12th, because I will have a HUGE sale roundup for y’all (along with a big giveaway you won’t want to miss). On Friday July 13th, I’ll have a huge sale roundup for babies and kids. I plan to blog four or five days a week during the sale. Even though it is 90-100 degrees outside haha, I’ll be styling some of my fall favorite for y’all on here, along with transition looks. I have several other fun surprises for the sale up my sleeve that y’all won’t want to miss out on 🙂
And is you aren’t already following me on Instagram, be sure to do so because I’ll be sharing bunches of try-on sessions via Instagram stories. I will also be sharing re-stock alerts on my stories. I will also be doing some more surprise giveaways via Instagram. 
Everything You Need To Know To Shop The 2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale - Something Delightful Blog
Cami (Under $50, comes in several colors) // Jeans // Pink Wedges // Coin Necklace // Earrings // Bangles // Luis Vuitton Neverfull GM
Overall, I’m so so excited for the sale and am even more excited to share the excitement with you all once again this year. Let me know in the comments below if you’re excited to shop, if this is your first time shopping, if you plan to shop early or prefer to wait until public access, etc. Whatever you want to share about the sale, join in on the fun in the comments below 🙂 And now throughout the sale, if y’all have any questions whatsoever, be sure to send them my way!
Have a great Friday, friends!
Delightfully Yours,
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