What’s In My Travel Bag

 Hi friends and happy Monday! Last year, I purchased this toiletry bag, and it’s hands down one of my favorite things I’ve ever purchased. I love having the option to pack smaller, less and more compact. This bag has allowed me to do just that! Before I purchased it, I would pack multiple cosmetic pouches which would take up a good bit of room in my luggage. This bag has worked to where I can pack travel sizes and fit it all into this bag which has been great. I think my favorite part of all is being able to hang the bag up on a hook in the bathroom once I’ve arrived to my destination and have all of my toiletries right where I need them for our vacation. 

Below, I’m sharing everything I pack in my travel bag. If you want to see how I organize it all, check out this reel on my Instagram 🙂 Some of my necessities I purchase in the actual travel size and can refill before each trip. Others I have to re-purchase (like my travel sized hairspray as that cannot be re-filled). I also purchased this set of travel bottles that I fill up with body wash, face moisturizer, etc. Everything is linked in the widget at the end of this post.

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