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Lilly Sale Loves!

Lilly Sale Loves!

Shift Dress Pillows // Knotty Bangles // McKim Sandals // Picnic Basket // Shift Dress Glasses Case // Straw Hat // Clothes Hangers // Picture Perfect Wedges

Through all the technical issues Lilly had, the sale was marvelous!  There were some great prices on the apparel, but I had too much fun with the accessories section!  What I loved about it the most were the fun gifts, such as the shift pillows (I couldn’t resist them and bought 5), the clothes hangers, picnic basket, sun hat, and glasses case.  I was so happy to see the beloved Knotty Bangles on sale, and bought 3 others to wear with my navy bangle.  The shoes were a steal as well.

What goodies did you pick up through the super Lilly sale? 🙂

Stay Tuned!

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