Prepping For School!

Summer is sadly coming to an end which means I am about to start the first semester of my Sophomore year of college.  School starting back is a depressing thought, but it can easily be transformed into a more pleasant thought with the right accessories!  Yes, preppy, posh outfits are a way to brighten any class, but there is always a need for cute supplies!  It is so easy to make your whole outlook preppy by adding preppy items such as these!
Prepping…Lilly Style!
Lunch Tote // Planner // Pencils // Tumbler // Highlighters // Calculator // Tote Bag // ID Wristlet

There are several other supplies that I have and want, so that my classes and studying will be a more pleasant experience 🙂

I have had SO much fun with these cute pencils from anthropologie! I’ve had this set for a few years, and ended up sharing them with my friends. This is the third year in a row Anthro has sold these, so I’m guessing they’re a favorite for everyone else as well 🙂
Yes, a monogrammed notebook would make my note taking experience more cheery 🙂 
I’m obsessing over this Tulle Backpack!!
I will definitely be using my Bowtastic paperclips this semester!!  I’m always marking my notes and my reading. These will be perfect and are so fun to make! You can see my post on them Here

Is this pocket blackboard not adorable?? I would love this! I’m always jotting down quick thoughts and reminders.  
What girl doesn’t need a pink USB cord??
These items get me excited for the new semester, along with thoughts of Fall clothing and the cool, crisp weather!  How are you Prepping for your classes??
Stay Tuned!

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